Pinelands Prices have Stabilised, says APKF Resident Agent

30 November 2012

 House prices in very few Cape Town residential areas have proved as resilient as those of Pinelands, says David Sims of Anne Porter Knight Frank:  the area’s central position, closeness to the city, to UCT and Rondebosch, Bishops and Rustenburg schools, as well as its own good schools, its upgraded Howard Centre and its spirit have all contributed to ensuring that it remains one of the most sought after of the Cape Peninsula suburbs.

“We are certainly not seeing any spectacular price rises as yet,” said Sims, “but two facts are clear:  prices have now stabilised and any reasonably priced Pinelands home in good condition will sell fast.”
The vast majority of buyers in Pinelands, he added, are looking for a home priced between R1,5 and R3 million, the upper limit being around R4 million.
Homes in the top bracket, he said, tend to be solid, well built and confined to one or two of Pinelands precincts to the north of the suburb’s central Forest Drive and east of the village centre.
An APKF home currently on the market here, said Sims, is priced at R3,95 million and exemplifies all that Pinelands can offer in its better precincts.  It is a double storey with a single storey L-shape extension.  It has five bedrooms, all en suite, three living and reception rooms, a study, a large kitchen fitted out in natural wood, a pool, two garages, a courtyard and a well established garden with magnificent trees.
Floors throughout are of solid wood, the roof is tiled in pale red terracotta tiles and the windows are small pane and in some cases flanked by shutters.
“This home, like many in Pinelands, dates back some 60 years – to an era when artisan work in Cape Town was at a high level.  The quality of the finishes will be evident to any visitor,” said Sims.
APKF, he added, are now achieving steady sales month after month in Pinelands, a further tribute to the fact that demand here remains strong.
“Agents are, of course, expected to praise their areas but the plain truth is that in today’s market Pinelands property is as good an investment as you will find anywhere,” said Sims.
For further information contact David Sims on 082 495 5581.