One of Cape Town’s colonial homes comes on the market - at R5,5 million

30 November 2012

 What is a colonial home?  
“Traditionally,” says Lanice Steward, MD of the Cape Peninsula estate agency Anne Porter Knight Frank, “a colonial home will be single storey and will have a covered verandah, sliding sash windows, several fireplaces, wood floor, wood shutters and at least three bedrooms as well as servants quarters.  Colonial homes always have extensive internal floor areas and the gardens will at some stage have had a large vegetable patch, a small orchard, a chicken run, stables and possibly a small dairy.”
Such homes, says Steward, although Victorian or Edwardian, because they were often built during those eras are in subtle ways in a style of their own.  They were in a very real sense authentically European/African and 50 years ago could be found on the outskirts of all of South Africa’s major cities.  In Cape Town, she says, they tended to be erected originally in the then fashionable Woodstock, Salt River, Observatory and Rosebank suburbs, which were all within easy horse and cart distance of the CBD, some of which were later then served by the suburban railway line. 
“Very few of these old homes now survive,” says Steward, “but when you come across one it is almost invariably charming, particularly if it has been well maintained.”
One such home, says Steward, is now for sale in Rosebank, with APKF agent Angela Magner handling the sale.
“What makes this home exceptional in every way is that, dating back to the 1890s, it has been so beautifully and immaculately maintained over the years and recently modernised in a very conservative and tasteful way.  The kitchen in particular is now very much 21st Century.”
The home does, says Magner, have many of the features mentioned by Steward, including four fireplaces and wood floors (which are in pristine condition and which give off an attractive gleam).  The home also has wooden shutters and some immaculately maintained wrought iron columns with broekie lace decoration.
The home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a study and domestic accommodation.  In the large garden there is a pool and the garages can accommodate two cars.  There is also parking on site for five further cars.  There is also an original coach house.  
Upgraded security protects the entire building and the perimeter. 
“Only one word adequately describes this type of house,” says Steward, “and that is ‘gracious’.  At the same time it is comfortable with a family-friendly ambience.  With its large living areas and extensive verandah the home would be ideal for entertaining in both winter and summer.  It was, in fact, one of two originally built for two very social sisters in a wealthy Cape family – and the second one is nearby.”


For further information contact Angela Magner on 082 468 5550.